Fishing in the Hill Country of Texas

Bullhead Creek runs through my ranch. A small dam holds the clear crystal water flowing from the springs and the long hole of water is the home of catfish, perch and bass as well as snakes, frogs, turtles and even a few nutria. A blue heron feasts periodically from the shallow parts. There is nothing much more pleasurable than going down to the creek with a friend, some worms, chairs and a cooler of cold beer an sitting in the shade of the cliff for an afternoon of fishing. The fish are so lively that each cast brings in a big perch or bass. The small perch are used as bait for a big catfish or bass. Last week my boyfriend and I went fishing. I caught a bucket full of perch. He was using a lure and caught a big bass, about 3 1/2 pounds. Unfortunately the bass was hooked in the gills and had to be cleaned and eaten. Most of the time we throw them back. Bobby scaled, gutted and filleted the bass when we returned to the house. Then he fried the pieces in corn meal and soy oil. While Bobby dominated the kitchen I sat at the bar and the conversation turned to God. Living on a remote ranch in the middle of nowhere makes us vary aware of God’s presence. Bobby asked, “Have you ever seen the light and been visited by God like they talk about at church?” “No, I answered but I have seen God all over the world in the faces of people and in the wonders of nature, in a rainbow, a thunderstorm or crops growing in the field. That’s where I see God.” Bobby admitted, “I see God in this fish that I caught, cleaned and am now going to eat.” I agreed, “God is in and around us all the time. The hell with the flashing light.”