I think I now know how the early settlers in Texas felt about fences when they first began to enclose territories. When I purchased my ranch 18 years ago, there were only low fences to contain livestock such as cattle, horses, goats and sheep. The people from the cities began to purchase ranches and high fence their property to keep the wildlife within their boundaries. Now it seems the whole country is enclosed by what they call game proof fences. The only thing those fences confine is the deer. A high fence does not prevent armadillos, porcupines, bobcats, mountain lions, hogs, wild sheep or goats from moving freely. I simply cannot understand wanting to fence the deer. High fences prevent free ranging and cause inbreeding. Besides, this country is too rugged for a game proof fence to remain game proof. The deer skirt the boundaries and the floods cause holes in the fences. In addition, fencing costs are prohibitive, about $6 a linear foot. What a waste of time and money. Fortunately I am surrounded by neighbors who are of like mind. My ranch and the ones nearest have no game fences. I am lucky. Not so others in the area of the Nueces Canyon lands.