Hunters love the Hill Country of Texas.  Many exotic animals roam free or live behind

game-proof fences.  At Ambush Hill Ranch I have my share of exotics, some desired and

and some not so desired.  Some species thrive in the rugged canyon lands and this can cause

problems similar to what rabbits did in New Zealand.    Ranchers today receive substantial

money from hunters.  A trophy buck will cost the hunter over a thousand dollars and that’s

a conservative estimate.  The advantage of having exotics is that they can be hunted year round.

Texas Parks and Wildlife regulates the hunting of native species.  However with the long arm

of the government, the exotics may become regulated in the future.  The biologists and wild life

experts advocate killing off the non-native species so that the native species are respected and

preserved.  Pictured with this blog is a blackbuck antelope which originated in India.  Mature

males are black and white.  Females are light tan and white.  The horns, found only on the

males, corkscrew up and back.  A large male will weigh 100 pounds while a female will weigh

75 pounds.  The blackbuck antelope is considered to be the most elegant of the exotic game.

The meat is quite tasty.