I left Houston early in the evening, had a nice rest in my pod and arrived in Dubai early in the evening. It was too early to return to bed and since I had slept well for a change on the 14-hour flight,I found my way to the five story upscale mall near the Intercontinental Hotel where I was staying. The first time I visited Dubai was about 10 years ago. The airport was elegant but significantly smaller than it is today. The growth of Dubai is phenomenal and I have come to the conclusion that if the world turns to chaos, Dubai would be the place to live securely if one has a lot of money. For a short time I favored Uruguay but since I don’t speak Spanish I ruled it out. Most of the people in Dubai are from elsewhere. The man who met me at the airport was from Sri Lanka, the driver was from Bangladesh and the porter who carried my suitcase to the hotel room was from Kenya. All of them assured me that Dubai people are the bosses; they don’t work. My hotel room is a study in modern technology, very nice. The posted room rate is $965. The driver of the Audi commented that everyone in Dubai owns two or three cars. The city is very prosperous, even though I’ve heard that construction has slowed and the cranes are not moving. I’ll know more when daylight returns.