Crazy Horse Monument

On a recent road trip to the Dakotas, I visited Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument. While Mt. Rushmore splendidly displayed the faces of four presidents, Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, the Crazy Horse Monument, a few miles away, outclassed the presidents by miles. The Crazy Horse Monument was a dream that came into being 75 years ago. The family of the man that initiated the carving is today running the first class facility. It is more than a monument. It is a university, a medical school and a tribute to the native Americans, primarily the Sioux. The funding for this colossal endeavor has come entirely from individual contributions. No state, federal or public funding has ever been used to finance the project. From what I learned during my visit, the carving will take another 75 or so years. The motto of the Crazy Horse Monument is “Never give up your dreams,” a worthy statement.