I was watching the most recent film about the Alamo starring Billy Bob Thornton as Davy Crockett. The decision by the defenders of the Alamo to stay and fight to the death occupied my thoughts for a few days. The courage those men showed was awesome. They sacrificed their lives and the hopes of seeing their families for opportunity, land and freedom. In an especially poignant moment in the movie, Davy Crockett told Travis that he had been elected to Congress representing the citizens of Tennessee and that in Washington they taught him how to dress, how to talk, how to use the correct fork but they didn’t teach him to lie. How I wish that were true today. We all lie but our elected representatives really lie. Honesty, integrity, common sense and truth are dying. When I think of the courage my ancestors displayed to leave their homeland for a country they had never seen, a country where they did not speak the language and a country from which they most likely never leave to visit their native land and families, I feel very humble, asking myself, would I do the same? I don’t know. Our service men and women sacrifice their lives ostensibly to protect our freedom but I doubt that building roads, schools, water and septic systems and health clinics protects my freedom. Rather let worldwide humanitarian agencies take on that responsibility. I question where is the courage that settled America. I fear it is gone with the wind much like the way of life in the south after the Civil War disappeared. Is it good or bad? You decide. I know how I feel.