I attend church at a small wooden church about 10 miles from the ranch. The preacher is also my Direct TV technician. The church is white and joins a large cemetery dating from the early 1800’s. Services begin at 11 a.m. and end at 12 a.m. The benches are wooden with cushions and there are usually about 12 of us in attendance. We all know each other and recognize that we are all serious sinners. Music is provided by piano, no electronic enhancement. Hymnbooks are spread on the benches and the preacher gives us the number of the hymn we sing. The songs are old and familiar. We meet twice a month. There is no Sunday School or children that attend. Our preacher speaks of love and forgiveness. The service and music are uplifting. Following church Bobby and I drive another 10 miles to Barksdale where we dump our garbage in a trailer. We don’t have much garbage because we recycle, hauling our items to Uvalde, 60 miles distant. Vegetable scraps we add to our compost barrel. Meat scraps are used to bait hog and coon traps. Last Sunday se stopped for lunch in Camp Wood and as we walked into the cafe, the after church crowd filled the tables. Worshippers from the Church of Christ and the Baptist church were either known by Bobby or me. In fact there wasn’t a person in the building that one of us did not know. What a nice way to spend a cold Sunday.