Changing Seasons

Just when I get tired of filling hummingbird feeders, the season changes. I put away the hummingbird feeders, empty the last of the nectar on the ground and take a look at my pile of firewood. The cover screen in front of my rock fireplace is moved and the protective screen is placed in front of the fireplace. The nights grow cooler as well as the mornings. The acorns fall, the wildlife abandons my feeders and hunting season is drawing near. As the weather turns cold, the fireplace burns most every day and night. When I become tired of cleaning out ashes and hauling logs into the house, spring comes. The hummingbird feeders are resurrected from the utility room and the cycle begins anew. I don’t think I could live near the equator where the seasons only change from wet to dry. I love seeing the leaves change color and fall and then the new growth in all shades of green emerges in the spring. Lambs are born. Nature continues on its endless cycle, providing me with variety and change. I wouldn’t live anyplace else.