Bull Arab Dogs

Easy was the best dog I ever knew. He was a Bull Arab dog. The breed was developed in Australia as hog dogs. He weighed over 100 pounds and was the sweetest, kindest dog you can imagine. His mother, Yikes was a Houdini of a dog. She ran and escaped every chance and there was not a pen or a fence that could keep her confined. Easy, from her second liter, was a brown brindle. His mother was a black and white spotted. Since there are no Bull Arabs in the United States with which to breed a Bull Arab, I imported a female from Australia at great expense. She too was a brown brindle. We named her Yazie. There was not a fence or pen that could confine her either. We gave up on importing an unrelated male with whom to breed her. She also had an inherited hip socket deformity. We gave up on establishing the breed in the United States. I wish someone would take up the challenge. They are great dogs and very protective and ferocious hog dogs. Easy is buried at the ranch with a rock headstone and a message that in effect says if tears could build a stairway to heaven I’d come visit you.