Sonja Klein delivers the World.  “Roundtrip From Texas.”





According to a Chinese proverb, there are two ways to enrich your life.  One is to read 10,000 books.  The other is to travel 10,000 miles.  “Roundtrip from Texas,” Sonja Klein’s fun new “travelogue” lets you travel those miles in a single book.  Nobody could ask for a cooler traveling companion.  Klein, author of “Honk If You Married Sonja,” is a globetrotting hoot.  The fifth-generation Texas rancher, and cousin of singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett, recounts her journeys to everywhere from Uruguay to Zanzibar with a refreshingly candid voice that adds one or two dimensions to even the most exotic locales we travel to with her.

“When I was a boy,” remembers Grammy Award-winnter Lovett, “Sonja was one of the first grown-ups in my life to show me it was okay to have fun.  She was pretty, wore cool clothes, drove fast cars and raced motorcycles”  While these days the motorcycles may have been traded for a tuk-tuk in Cambodia, Klein remains one colorful travel guide.  “God spare me if I ever have to see another native dance welcome troupe.”

From her near hometown of Barksdale, Texas, Klein, now past her fourth husband, sets out for parts hither and yon recording and recounting the customs, cuisine, and whatever new arcane tidbit of information she can scratch up about cultures as different from Texas hill country as you can possible get.  “I’ve traveled to most every place in the world I wished to visit.  I’ve been married enough, went ziplining, rappelling, jet boat riding, whitewater rafting, marlin fishing.  I loved it all. But what I love most is learning new things so I can continue my reign as one of the world’s best Trivial Pursuit players.”

Did you know that Porto Bello Brazil is the Underwear Capital of Brazil?  Or that a mature lobster carries more than 100,000 eggs?  Klein, a connoisseur of fine factoids, is pleased to inform us that porches are painted blue in Charleston, South Carolina because wasps and hornets won’t nest on that color, and that the words, “hammock,” “barbecue,” and “hurricane” come to us courtesy of the native languages of Brazil.  But the real treat in “Roundtrip From Texas” is the food.  Klein, a self-confessed food fanatic, describes her meals in loving detail, from the crisp sea bass, bean mili-melo, and citrus fondue of halifax, Nova Scotia to the Peking duck delicately roasted, sliced, and served with thin crepes in Beijing.

Food has meaning.  We learn that sliced watermelon in China signifies the end of the meal. Where we go with her (Klein visits 20 countries in Roundtrip from Texas), the aromas of that culture’s cuisine waft from the pages.  Sonja Klein, who’s won an award or two for her Texas cooking, stokes our appetite for food and adventure.  Part international traveler, part  Texas hill country rancher, Sonja leads a colorful life ( husband number two was a bank robber and enforcer for the mob) and is always part of the scenery wherever she goes.  And that-when the sliced watermelon is served- is what makes “Roundtrip from Texas” such an enjoyable journey.


Rave Reviews From: Roundtrip from Texas – by: Sonja Rose Klein


“Roundtrip from Texas enabled me to experience more lands and peoples than I can ever hope to experience first hand, and it is a great follow-up to Honk. Still, I feel the fifty shades of Sonja have not all been revealed . . . yet.”

— Eric Zimmerman, Retired Homicide Detective


“I started reading Roundtrip from Texas this morning and ended up being late to my yoga class! I have been jumping around visiting different chapters. The ending is truly the best. Made my day!”

— Tami Lynn, Owner of Cruising Luxury, California


“Sonja is one of the best true-life storytellers writing today. She is funny, fascinating, interesting and very informative. Her vignettes about her own life are amazing. And, her travel stories are so engrossing that you feel like you are actually on the trip with her, seeing and doing such a variety of sights, sounds and experiences. A few hours ‘traveling’ with Sonja are a true joy.”

— John Gibson, Retired Insurance Investigator


“You gotta read Sonja’s books and essays if you want a view on life and travel from a Texas ranch girl’s perspective! But don’t be fooled by that description of her, as Ms. Sonja is a woman highly educated by both university and life experiences (read Honk if you doubt that). Sonja’s writing will take you with her and give you her take on all she sees and experiences, holding nothing back, and never failing to entertain you, to enchant you and to bring you back for more. Dive in now!”

— Bob D’amore, Retired Inspector General, U.S.Air Force and Planner, HHS/NDMS Incident Response Coordination Team – Southwest (Region 6)


“If there was a female Gus in Lonesome Dove, Sonja is it.”
— DRK, Executive


“Free spirited Sonja Klein has done it again, serving up a heaping helping of wanderlust for her devoted readers to feast upon! Hop in her back pocket and travel vicariously with this cheeky Texas gal as she explores the world, one adventure at a time. A must read!”

— Linda Koehl, Singer/Songwriter


“Straight from the hip without a quip, Sonja tells it like she sees it, and it is both point blank and insightful.Well worth the time to benefit from her oft too honest observations.”

— Tracy Walsh, Retired Honda Executive


“In Roundtrip from Texas Sonja describes her adventures across the planet and at home in Texas in a fun and easy manner. She provides interesting detail, personal insight and witty entertainment. The autobiographical sections have the energy and tone of a conversation between friends sharing a six-pack of Shiner Bock on the tailgate of a pickup truck at the ranch of this native Texan.This makes for an enjoyable read.”

— Martin Terry, D.V.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Sul Ross State University azdırıcı damla