Bobcat and Fox

Pictured below is a surveillance camera picture of a bobcat approaching the hog trap that was baited with food scraps. That kind of solves the problem of who has been killing and eating the lambs. I have lost three in the last two months. Now we have to figure out how to trap the bobcat and will consult with local trappers for the best way to rid ourselves of this varmint. The camera also has been picking up a fox scouting the hog trap too. It is doubtful whether he will be eating lambs. I was suspecting that the hogs have been killing the lambs but the size of the bobcat leaves little doubt. The cameras are so much fun. I have three of them by feeders and traps. The coons and rabbits also appear on the photos but the bobcat was a surprise. I have also found two ringtails, also known as civets. There is no telling what we might find on the next photos. Of course there are always Axis deer, white tail deer and hogs and turkeys as well as my sheep in the photos. In the meantime will so some research on trapping bobcats. Wish me luck.