Beware of over the counter remedies

As part of the unpleasant aging process, my hair became thin and my nails tended to shred. I first noticed it when my part widened. I resorted to the internet and my daughter’s advice and ended up with a bottle of Hair Renew, $35 at the health food store. After taking two a day for less than a week, I experienced stomach pains between my breasts and waist. Knowing it was the capsules for my hair I discontinued. My daughter advised to take one in the morning and one in the evening with food. That helped. I read the instructions which advised to take two a day for the first 30 days and then one a day from thereon. Within six months I developed stomach pains and nausea and under extreme circumstances vomiting. I lost seven pounds and even when chewing my food to the count of 30 still experienced vomiting and nausea. Thankfully before scheduling an appointment with a specialist, I had a dream, so clear. In the dream I stood before myself and said, “Quit the Hair Renew capsules.” I awoke with a sense of well being, quit the capsules and within a day the stomach pain was gone and has not returned. I will gladly endure thin hair rather than live with stomach pain and nausea. I had become a grumpy old lady with no appetite. Now I have returned to my war zone with lots of ammunition. Of course I am speaking metaphorically. I am still shocked by the fact that an over the counter capsule can drastically alter one’s life. Without the dream self, I would be having tests run, taking prescription drugs and be sick every day and that is scary beyond fright and fear. Even after researching all the ingredients listed on the bottle I cannot find one that causes side effects similar to the ones I suffered. I don’t understand but I am now definitely aware.