Ambushed by America

The publicity campaign has just been launched for my third book, “Ambushed by America.” The reviews I’ve received have been marvelous, which is a bit of a pleasant surprise. I favor my second book, “Roundtrip from Texas.” Perhaps the third one is the charm, but I’m not quitting with this one. The fourth book, “Saplings, Twigs, and Switches,” is well over half-way written and I’m mentally working on a movie/TV script. Life here at Ambush Hill is dominated by the changing of the season. The acorns and pecans are falling; the deer, hogs, turkeys and other wildlife are gorging on the fruits of nature as well as chasing each other to breed. The leaves have not yet begun to turn, only a cold snap will precipitate that event. My fall garden is thriving with promise and I made kale chips yesterday for the first time, a quite good snack. The summer garden has not given up and I’m still picking tomatoes by the pound, Japanese eggplant and a variety of peppers. Quite a few bags of spaghetti sauce are now in the freezer as well as a few of smothered okra. The herbs continue to thrive.
My grandson is visiting for a few weeks and at age seven is a joy, while I am experiencing the home schooling task, of which I will write later. I have some interesting observations about education after two weeks of being a second grade teacher.