Adventures in Texas

An adventure is something not planned, performing a task that turns into something exciting, something that makes your heart go pittypat. Life on a ranch provides the opportunity for such events. A few days ago, Bobby and I got in the jeep, checked the fuel gage that registered 1/4 of a tank, retrieved the bucket of fermented slosh we use as bait in the hog traps and set off for the back of the ranch, a simple and mundane task. The first trap contained no hogs and the second trap on the top of the mountain on the back of the ranch also yielded no hogs. We re-baited and reset the trap and drove further to check a feeder. In the heat of the day, we took a break and sat under a big oak tree to enjoy a cold beer. As we began the journey down the mountain, the jeep sputtered, sputtered some more and died. We were out of gas. We pushed the vehicle over a hump and jumped in for the ride down. My cap flew off, the jeep coasted to a small hill and the momentum stopped. Looking ahead we knew we could not push the jeep over the few hills remaining. I looked at Bobby, “Who is going to walk back and get the diesel?” His reply took seconds. “If I have to walk back I will have a heart attack and die.” I had no choice. The sun was hot and the road gravelly. I was wearing sandals. I returned driving the diesel truck and nosed up to the jeep. There was no place to turn around. An upwardly steep cliff was on one side and a canyon was on the other side. The gas can and filter I had brought were no help. The funnel would not fit in the tank. Bobby tied a rope connecting the vehicles and I proceeded to back the diesel pulling the jeep. It wasn’t easy. Bobby’s patience shortened. He got in the diesel and I got in the jeep and we continued over the humps until there was a straight downhill shot to the pecan bottom. I untied the rope and managed to turn around and Bobby flew down the mountain after a slight push. I met him there. We left the jeep parked and returned to the house. Only then did we realize we had left the gun in the jeep. As we sat in the cool of the evening Bobby reflected on the adventure. “We could have really gotten in trouble and gone off the mountain.” I smiled. “That was fun.” Bobby laughed, “Let’s go and do it again?” The gun was still in the jeep the following morning. Ah, the beauty of living on a remote ranch, nothing like it.