A New Farm

My brothers and I sold the family farm, all except for a few acres kept by one of my brothers. The day was a sad one. I dreaded the sale, but I changed my perspective. Just as my ancestors left their country, land and heritage to come to America in the middle 1800’s I left my roots behind and purchased the ranch adjoining the ranch I have owned for 20 years. I established a new farm and heritage for my children and grandchild. Once I thought about it differently, I felt much better. Now I have a new dream. Hunting, fly fishing, photo opportunities and bird watching will be part of the marketing plan to utilize the beautiful landscape. There are three homes, a barn and a fresh spring fed creek that runs through the property. The view from the upper deck of the restored log cabin is reminiscent of Colorado and the wildlife is abundant. I am creating a new dream, following my ancestors who had the courage to change. Even a turtle has to stick his head out whether he moves forward or backward. I’m moving forward.