A Day Without Completion

Saturday was one of those days. Bobby and I had set aside the day to mow and trim the yard down at the guest lodge. The weather cooperated fully. For a June day, the temperature was in the 80’s, the cloud cover a blessing. The mower had been repaired several weeks before. Repairs are a hassle when you live 60 miles from any semblance of service. The repair involved loading the mower on a trailer and towing it to Uvalde and the another trip to pick it up when the repairs were completed. The mower started right up at the repair shop and Bobby drove it onto the trailer. It started up when we unloaded it at the ranch but when we attempted to start it, it would not fire. Bobby checked the spark plug, the wires, the fuel supply system. It would not start, very frustrating. The day deteriorated. When we drove in the Jeep to bait and check the hog traps, the bait was gone and there were no hogs in the traps. One of the feeders was knocked down by hogs. We righted the heavy barrel and tested the timer and motor. They were not working. The fence guarding the deer feeder was torn. There were no coons or varmints in the smaller traps. One trap was mangled. We managed to fix that one. By then it was mid-afternoon. We returned to the house, fried some deer backstrap, put on some music and danced. Why not?