Posts made in December, 2017

Christmas Memories

Memories of Christmas past return this cold clear Texas morning. Most of them are of the early years in the lives of my children when we lived in the country outside the town of New Iberia, Louisiana. The Bayou Teche ran along our backyard. One particular year I had three Christmas trees, one on the front porch, one in the living room and one in the children’s play room. I don’t...

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Beware of over the counter remedies

As part of the unpleasant aging process, my hair became thin and my nails tended to shred. I first noticed it when my part widened. I resorted to the internet and my daughter’s advice and ended up with a bottle of Hair Renew, $35 at the health food store. After taking two a day for less than a week, I experienced stomach pains between my breasts and waist. Knowing it was the capsules...

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Glimmer of Hope

For the past eight years I drive to Crockett, Texas the first weekend in December for a meeting with my three brothers and for a party hosted by one of them. The 400-mile drive is across the heart of Texas and takes me through Fredericksburg, Johnson City, Austin, Elgin, Rockdale, Hearne, Franklin, Centerville and the outskirts of Crockett, bypassing the town to arrive at my brother’s...

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